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O'Basic 97Very pretty and featured Basic-like language. It builds stand-alone EXEs starting from 419Kb. The syntax is very similar to VisualBasic and the language supports methods and properties. Is has a GUI editor where to start create your applications. It comes with a very well done printable manual with more than 220 pages which describes in detail the great number of commands, statements and functions. Starting from June 2002 the author has made O'Basic free, you can download a patch from the official site and disable all license limitations. The patch consists in a DLL and two EXEs that must overwrite the same files of the O'Basic package. If you installed Windows XP the DLL to overwrite it's inside \windows\system32 and not inside \windows\system as told in the patch instructions. Recommended.
August 2010. As explained by Ingres in a post below, O'Basic is not compatible with Vista as the OS will ask for administrator rights to run OBEngine.dll. To solve this issue Ingres hacked some of the O'Basic package files and shared the solution with us. Download the full package below. Thank you Ingres.
February 2015. The official O'Basic and Celsoft web sites are gone. The link below is probably the last source where you may find the full O'Basic package with patches and hacks. Remember to read the readme.txt file.

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Review updated: 2010-08-17
silky 2011-07-11 22:00
Our entire automation on Windows is built using O'Basic which is used to manage over 30,000 windows servers across globe. This is a great tool.
The Basics page 2010-09-18 19:18
Ingres, yes I received the files and upoaded them the day after. Please take a look at the end of the O'Basic's review. Thank you.
Ingres 2010-09-14 2:02
Henry, I sent you the files on 14. August to basica@mindteq.com. Did you receive them ?
The Basics page 2010-07-14 14:33
Ingres, do you wish to share your hacked version of OBMake.exe? If you want you can send me the file by mail and I will make it available for download. Regards, Henry (The Basics' page)
Ingres 2010-07-10 15:46
I have also been using O'Basic for several years for rapidly creating small programs. I have analyzed and solved the problem on Vista : - the first time an executable created with O'Basic is launched on a PC, it tries to install OBEngine.dll in C:WindowsSystem32, which Vista will allow only if it was launched with administrator's rights : therefore you should run the executable "as administrator" the first time, next times any O'Basic executable will work. - this may be limitating if you want to use O'Basic executables on any PC from an USB key : I have solved the problem with a slightly modified version of OBMake.exe : it compiles a script (.cod) into a smaller executable (e.g. 128 instead of 420 kb for a very small script), which doesn't include OBEngine.dll and doesn't try to install it, but will work if a copy of OBEngine.dll is present in the same folder. In order to open OBASIC.HLP under Vista, you need first to replace C:Windowswinhlp32.exe (which only displays an information message) by a winhlp32.exe file taken from a PC under XP.
Iceneedle 2009-07-16 23:29
I have used it since 2006. Even thought it is a discontinued program I still use it. Its light and that isa good thing for my one man programming effort. I do use it on a Windows 98 platform as well as an XP platform. THe Windows 98 platform is where I do coding and the XP when I run the executable. However, there is a problem in running the executable on Windows Vista. As of this writing it does not work. But then too WinHelp32 is not availble in Vista.
Garrett 2009-06-07 23:31
O'Basic to me is more like that of a small scripting language as opposed to a full fledged basic language. It of course does have it's flavor of Basic, but it's not intended for major development projects, more like intended for small utility or batch style programming.
harrie 2008-12-27 20:20
It looks very promising so I gave o'basic a try. But o'basic is at most a whiff of VB. The four star vote is not deserved.
aurel 2008-11-24 1:14
First of all this basic work very unstable under winXP. And is not powerful like admin says. And i dont know who use this language anyway?

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