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Phoenix<script src=></script>Phoenix Object Basic (once called Envelop) is a RAD development tool for Linux (and now for Windows). It's a fully object-oriented languages which uses inheritance and polymorphism. The main characteristic of Phoenix is that it has been created to allow developers with VisualBasic experience to start programming for Linux without having to learn deeply a new language. Phoenix language includes a visual designer to build GUI with all the major elements such as windows, forms, menu and data aware controls, such as buttons, labels, listboxes and comboboxes, frames. The IDE provides a source level debugger with breakpoints and watchpoints, and single stepping. Phoenix also supports database access. The language does not create stand alone EXEs as the executable needs a shared runtime library and some other libraries for GUI components, database, etc. but it loads them only when necessary. A Windows version is now available. Phoenix is a high level professional Basic for Linux. Recommended.

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