Phrogram<script src=></script>Phrogram, once called KPL (Kids Programming Language), is a structured language modeled on the simplicity and readability of BASIC. KPL was developed to teach children programme but do not consider it a primitive language. Phrogramia a full featured language with an excellent IDE. The IDE has color syntax highlighting, run-time trace messages, tooltip help messages, tabbed window, code management, etc. Phrogramoffers all the tipical instructions, functions and statements of traditional Basic improved with concepts of modern languages such as methods and user-defined structures. Phrogramdoes not have a GUI editor. As Phrogramborned to be a teaching language, graphic interfaces must be drawn by scratch. The same thing happens for mouse management: the programmer must tell the mouse where is the button. Do you remember ancient times when mouse funtions had to be coded into QuickBasic like this: (X1,Y1)-(X2-Y2)? Phrogram requires .NET 1.1 and does not build EXEs but it may convert immediately the code to C# or VB.NET sources so to be compiled with these languages. Very good. Thanks Geoff.
Early 2007. KPL changed name. The authors explain: 'We heard loud and clear from the community that KPL is interesting to a lot more than kids. And that name was inconvenient for some uses of KPL, so we're very happy to introduce Phrogram.'

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