PlayBasic<script src=></script>PlayBasic is game creation language for windows. PlayBasic included as many inbuilt features as possible so that users may focus upon building their game, rather than learning the complex programming techniques behind it. The language supports the latest DirectX9 hardware. This ensures the games written with PlayBasic will be compatible with the most systems. The package comes with a comprehensive programming environment, built in debugger, mapping tools as well hundreds of examples and Help files to get the user started. The language is a structured language and the code is neat and tidy. It supports all the main data types, memory management functions, good array control, web access (with a http library) and it may be extended using external DLLs. The image library supports sprites (rotation, alpha blending, scaling, intelligent collision), image management (blur, alpha, rotation, fading, mask, mirroring), vector shapes (draw custom shapes, from convex/concave to complex polygons), etc. The IDE is well thinked and customizable. But sometimes, when I tested it under Windows XP SP2, some windows didn't closed or some code when ran didn't re-enter the IDE. Hope this will be fixed in the next versions. The demo version cannot build EXEs.
July 2006. New update for PlayBasic: new features such as array fields in user defined type, but much more interesting the pixel perfect collision implementation.

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