PowerBasicPowerbasic is a powerfull professional development tool. It comes in two versions: the console compiler and the GUI compiler. The language offers all the elements to design and create professional products. It creates stand alone EXEs or DLLs. EXEs are among the smallest (starting from 7,5Kb): source code is compiled into native machine code. PowerBasic may gain access to the entire Windows API. The programmer may build software starting from console utilities without user interface, to complete GUIs or server to client CGIs. DLLs can be used by programs written in any other language that supports 32-bit Windows DLLs. The language has hundreds of functions and statements, and 29 controls. Beyond all standard programming functions, PowerBasic supports: COM automation, built-in 32-bit inline assembly with 80486 and Pentium opcodes, true 32-bit code pointers, client/Server Network Communications and multi-thread application support, 80-bit extended-precision math, up to 2 Gb of memory may be allocated for arrays and dynamic strings. PowerBasic offers a well thinked IDE with a source-level integrated debugger. Unfortunately the GUI editor is sold separately. Coding in PowerBasic is quite simple. Using the language for simple tasks may remember old fashion easy and amusing QuickBasic programming as the syntax and most of the functions and statements rensemble QB. On the other hand if you start a more advance project at the beginning this could be a little misleading, but actually the learning curve is quite smooth. The Help is well done and complete. One of the major advantages of Powerbasic is that's a mature language and has a great number of developers which created a large community where you can find every kind of help and source code. I had the opportunity to speak with the technical support a few times and it has always be efficient and polite. Very good.
September 2008. A new version of Firefly (an excellent - quite expensive - third-party visual editor) is out.
End of 2013. It has been reported that PowerBasic team does not reply to customers since a while.

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Review updated: 2013-12-25 PowerBasic homepage
Eros Olmi 2014-12-28 8:44
Despite it is true that PB staff seems gone, Power Basic is and will remain one of the best Basic compiler (true 32 bit compiler) for years. Tons of native functionalities, small and efficient executable, great help file. Unfortunately this project was a one man band project and no one seems able to carry on the great job Mr. Bob Zale did. RIP
josua 2013-05-07 18:10
this is the best
PBH 2012-12-22 0:03
Powerbasic had moved to a new building and changed ISP. That is why the site has been unstable. They say all is fixed ,hopefully the problems have been fixed and the site will be 24x7.
FWIW say they are here to stay
Egil 2012-12-12 2:28
They report on another site that Bob Zale died last month. That's probably the reason why the webite is gone.
May he rest in peace.
P Smith 2012-12-12 1:29
The PB website has disappeared, likely out of business. My searches turned up no replacement sites.
Aslan 2011-10-28 11:41
SAP R/3 Reporing module (using only librfc32), Documentum 5i direct access - are commercial projects made with PowerBASIC. Small size and real FAST execution speed, threaded functionality, embedded into Excel or standalone applications. Can't belief - made with PB! This compiler is really cool!
azrak 2011-09-04 9:05
** notice : All COM based programes will not work on future Windows 8.
James 2011-01-29 22:41
Why? (!!!)
Bob 2011-01-20 19:45
There is no demo version available for any Powerbasic product.
Will 2010-12-17 13:28
I would like to see a demo version before buying the real thing. I looked around their website but couldn't find one. Did I overlook it?
Sockla 2010-12-15 14:58
Whoever you are and whatever prejudices you have against PowerBasic, you should read the documentation before you post "crap" anywhere! As far as I am concerned, although I am a VB 6 fan, I accept that other people might set other priorities (I think PowerBasic prefers speed to simple GUI creation (that gets in the way all the time anyway))
Linuxman 2010-11-09 12:18
Bad support. I changed to PureBasic in 2007 and I'll never back to powerbasic
Charles Buffin 2010-07-25 2:26
Great compiler and great forum. Questions are answered quickly and professionally.
UK VPS 2010-06-04 14:32
POwerBasic seems to be exactly what I need. I never thought I would find an application that's easy to handle. Thanks for the review.
John 2010-06-01 2:32
Powerbasic does indeed produce very tiny, very very fast executables. Its especially useful when making fast dlls to go along with the sluggish .net framework. My only gripe is that the GUI devolpment tools are a bit lacking when compared to MVS (Microsoft Visual Studio). Also, documentation could be a bit better...but an active forum suffices. The language and compiler are excellent..the IDE is a bit lacking in features though thats what happens when you cut out all the bloatware. I'd also like to suggest to Mr. Zale that you put out some comparison tests to show just how much more efficient PowerBasic is compared to VB.net . (Somebody still has a grudge giving you a negative rating despite the fact that you went out of your way to respond to a disgruntled individual.) 5 stars for PB=D
Bob Zale 2009-11-06 13:53
Thanks Laurence. That's very kind of you. We invite everyone to visit PowerBASIC at www.powerbasic.com -- Our forums there contain over 350,000 posts from good programmers just like you! A huge source of great solutions for almost any programming issue.
Laurence S. Martin, M.S. 2009-09-02 7:41
Hey Bob, this is Laurence Martin. You are A 10, you cannot win an argument with a 1. It is just a waste of time. I have just written a new program with your new Windows Vista compatible compiler. It is slick and fast. Laurence lsmartinconsult@aol.com
Laurence S. Martin, M.S. 2009-09-02 7:32
I have known Bob Zale for more years than you are old. H is of excellent character and conducts an honest business. I own every version of Power Basic and love them all
Bob Zale 2009-08-23 17:34
I've noticed that when folks have nothing of value to say, they often resort to vulgarity instead. You've proven that's true, Anthony. PowerBASIC can readily create type of window. Have a nice day... Bob Zale PowerBASIC Inc.
Anthony 2009-08-23 16:44
I change my mind when i see that Power Basic (i really dont know where is power in this language) can NOT create Window frame, he only can create Dialog frame - what a crap...

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