XProfan is a basic-like language with the syntax of Basic, the file handling of Pascal, functions that remind you of C and the database capabilities of Dbase III. Old DOS programmers will enjoy this. With XProfan you can create Windows batch-like files in Windows or can write full database programs. Besides regular creation of dialogs, the language provides two ways to create text style windows, six built in ready-to-use dialogs and the ability to create screen saver programs. Profan2 has a simple IDE, an icon editor and a source code printing program. The icon editor is the standard editor of this type. The printing program is not the easiest thing in the world to understand, but works well when properly set up. The help file provided is very good. Easy to move through and unlike many allows you to reverse back to where you started. There is a tutorial for beginners, an explanation of features and a full list of the commands and functions with examples that can be cut and pasted into your code. The version tested is 3.5 as it's the last version fully translated in English. Version 6.6 can be partially patched into English. The latest version 11 has recently released but it is in German only.

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