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Extremely well built, powerful and complete IDE. Very professional working environment RAD. Valid alternative to VisualBasic. It has hundreds of commands and functions. The developers more attentive may notice a little of Rapid-Q inside RealBasic this because RealBasic Inc. hired Willam Yu - the creator of Rapid-Q - in 2000. RealBasic is a fully featured object oriented programming language. It supports inheritance, interfaces and polymorphism. It includes more than 40 native user interface controls such as buttons, fields, lists, sliders, tab panels, etc. It has a 2D vector graphics engine for spline-based images and a real-time 3D engine. It supports sprite animation such as interactive sprite surface with built-in collision detection. RealBasic offers socket control to enable the development of powerful Internet client applications and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) support so web services may be incorporated inside applications quickly and easily. Unfortunately it creates large stand alone EXEs (2.56Mb). RealBasic web site offers a free VB code conversion utility that should convert VB files to RB code where possible. Latest version is RealBasic 2006. It has been improved with new features such as application localization, a new IDE scripting tool that automates tasks, new events that react to the mouse, new datatypes so to be more compatible with VB6 and a improved support for Novell Linux Desktop. You must take a look at it.
April 2007. John wrote: ┬źDon't say RealBasic is well built. While I agree that it has the potential to be a great product (no doubt about that), it's however the many bugs people continuously have which it demonstrate it is a bad product. You can check the forum. Many posts of people getting annoyed about the many bugs. I had to try it myself with demos of 3 different versions of RealBasic over the last few years and it often took me not more than a few minutes to find the first bug. I hate that this is the way it is, because the program has so much to offer, but the many bugs (some leading to crashes) really turned my away from it. Every time I think they improve, but each time it's the same misery again.┬╗ (Jonh sent the message on April 2007, but I forgot to insert it till now, May 2008). Sorry John.
2012-2013. RealBasic has been discontinued in favor of Xojo a "multiplatform desktop and mobile development programming language" that uses the same IDE of RelBasic. RealStudio decided to rebrand RealBasic explaining that "Xojo has nothing to share with BASIC but its philosphy and its easiness".

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