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ScriptBasicScriptbasic is a Windows, Linux and Unix script language similar to Basic. It uses the GTK libraries for a cross platform GUI. It supports a rich set of instructions and the script files are portable between platforms. ScriptBasic is provided as a console interpreter, multi-threaded web server and as a embeddable library to add scripting to your own applications. Scriptbasic scripts may also can be compiled to stand-alone executables. The language structure, many commands and statements, are very near to the old Basic syntax. The language is really simple and it has some interesting commands and functions dedicated to server applications. The Help file is well done and full of informations. Scriptbasic is constantly improved and updated.
June 2006. New version is out: bug fixes and some new features.
July 2007. Starting from version 2.1 Scriptbasic has added some new important features as a console and GUI debugger that allows remote debugging of CGI scripts. MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC and Berkeley DB databases are supported as well as standard flat files.

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John Spikowski 2014-12-16 20:26
Script BASIC now supports COM/VB classic ActiveX forms via its new extension module interface. TinyScheme (Lisp interpreter) was also added as an extension module for the Script BASIC 2.2 release.
John Spikowski 2014-09-07 5:31

There is no Malware in Script BASIC. SB is open source.

Mr. Bitter strikes again. :-(
John Spikowski 2014-09-07 5:26
Script BASIC is now at level 2.2 with an official release on the way. (beta available on SB forum) New extension modules include COM (Windows), SDL_gfx, IUP, SQLite, and others. 14 new math functions have been to the core interpreter and an obscure JOKER pattern matching issue was fixed by Peter Verhas. In all it an exciting release with Android native support so please have another look.
John Spikowski 2014-06-11 17:40
Script BASIC 2.2 is in beta and is available for Windows and Linux. (64/32 bit) An Android Linux native version of Script BASIC is also available. The 2.2 release offers a few new cross platform extension modules to the mix. (SDL_gfx, IUP, SQLite, ...) A new Script BASIC developer has join the team and is doing amazing work on the Windows version with COM and an interactive debugger.
Roger 2013-06-20 5:44
This software contain malware.
yakob 2013-05-26 4:16

it is sad to read this comments about a people who trying to make something useful for us.
congrats John..Thank you for your effort and sharing.
John Spikowski 2012-05-05 11:15
ScriptBasic is now available for Android Linux and can run on non-rooted devices.

Current Supported Platforms:

Windows (32/64 bit)
Linux (32/64 bit)
OS X (32/64 bit)
Android Linux & ARM Linux distros
Michael 2011-02-18 22:19
John is a plain idiot who thinks that he knows something about programming.Another thing is that you have the thought that he is Manager of the ScriptBasic project ,which as we all know -the project is dead and no one uses this basic. Each of his post is pure spam, and therefore was scrubbed with many basic forum.
John Spikowski 2010-09-09 11:13
There is a BIG difference between spamming and promoting and facilitating an open source project. (all provided resources are out of my pocket and I donate my free time to multiple Basic efforts) Mike: I don't see you as a whiner. Use your talents more productively and help out a Basic project.
Mike Trader 2010-07-18 13:34
For a language that is so developed it seems to lack an IDE and a user base the forum seems to be dead only admins posting but I may be judging too quickly. John does like to spam other basic forums.
John Spikowski 2010-07-15 13:40
ScriptBasic 3.0 for Windows is unfolding and available in the download section of the forum. Features: * Standard MAKE files * Windows 32/64 bit with MinGW/GCC as the C compiler * IUP cross platform GUI extension module
John Spikowski 2009-09-14 2:16
ScriptBasic has recently released 2.1 for Windows, Linux and OS X. All cross platform open source libraries used as extension modules were updated to current versions.,33.0.html

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