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ScriptBasic<script src=></script>Scriptbasic is a Windows, Linux and Unix script language similar to Basic. It uses the GTK libraries for a cross platform GUI. It supports a rich set of instructions and the script files are portable between platforms. ScriptBasic is provided as a console interpreter, multi-threaded web server and as a embeddable library to add scripting to your own applications. Scriptbasic scripts may also can be compiled to stand-alone executables. The language structure, many commands and statements, are very near to the old Basic syntax. The language is really simple and it has some interesting commands and functions dedicated to server applications. The Help file is well done and full of informations. Scriptbasic is constantly improved and updated.
June 2006. New version is out: bug fixes and some new features.
July 2007. Starting from version 2.1 Scriptbasic has added some new important features as a console and GUI debugger that allows remote debugging of CGI scripts. MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC and Berkeley DB databases are supported as well as standard flat files.

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