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SmallBasic<script src=></script>Smallbasic is a simple computer language, featuring a clean interface, strong mathematics and graphics. It is not a developer tool for professional programmers. At the beginning Smallbasic had to be a simple programming language for PalmOS, later on it has been improved adding libraries for Windows, Linux, DOS, VTOS and some other platforms, but above all it remains a language for PalmOS.
Review by Keiko-san. SmallBasic was first created by Nicholas Christopoulos in 2000, to be used as an advanced calculator for Palm IIIx handheld devices, but it has later ported to several OSs. SmallBasic is a structured version of BASIC and it is extremely fast to use and easy to learn and it is an excellent tool for shell-scripts and mathematics including trigonometric functions, matrices, algebra functions, powerfull string library, etc. It has all common standard basic console, file system, system, interactive system, simple sound, math, and graphic (color) commands, user functions and sub's. All datatypes are performed internaly and they are dynamic so user don't have to define anything, SB has an integrated IDE and all commands are well documented (almost 300 commands) and SB site has active forum and good code library including lot of sample programs. SB code looks like old Basics except graphic commands that does not use brackets. SB is designed for easy porting to other OS's. Sb does not create EXEs and it does not support GUI. Strength of SB is that it is a fast tool for everyday use, calculations and scripts. As a weakness, SB does not have straight support for printer (although in the forum there is a simple code/external program package for Windows printer).

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