ThinBasic<script src=></script>ThinBasic is a Basic-like language interpreter and now pseudo-compiler. ThinBasic was born as a scripting language to automate jobs and to give the user a complete instrument for simple programming tasks, but then has quickly evolved into a fully featured programming language. Its syntax is fundamently Basic-like but it's easy to notice some C++ and VisualBasic for DOS influences. With ThinBasic the user may take a good control over the machine, create GUI or console programs, high-speed OpenGl games, task automations and CGI-web programming, and if the features of ThinBasic aren't enought, the user may access to the whole set of Windows API. The language has the familiar structures, commands and statements of Basic so it is easy to start with it, although you must take a little more to understand the inline C++ structures if you are not used to. ThinBasic has also all the major controls to build forms such as buttons, textboxes, listboxes, combos, etc. ThinBasic comes with ThinAir a good IDE but it does not have a form editor. Recently ThinBasic added the ThinBundle utility which generates stand-alone executables merging into one file the script and the needed DLLs. The resulting EXE has a small runtime overhead. Althought it is an interpreted language it is surprinsingly fast. Thinbasic is very well supported and constantly improved by its authors and now it may release on a solid community of enthusiasts. ThinBasic installation package has a lot of examples to learn from and a good tutorial.
ThinBasic team is working hard. New versions with bug fixes and improvements come out frequently. You must take a look at it.

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Review updated: 2010-07-15 ThinBasic homepage
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