ThinBasicThinBasic is a Basic-like language interpreter and now pseudo-compiler. ThinBasic was born as a scripting language to automate jobs and to give the user a complete instrument for simple programming tasks, but then has quickly evolved into a fully featured programming language. Its syntax is fundamently Basic-like but it's easy to notice some C++ and VisualBasic for DOS influences. With ThinBasic the user may take a good control over the machine, create GUI or console programs, high-speed OpenGl games, task automations and CGI-web programming, and if the features of ThinBasic aren't enought, the user may access to the whole set of Windows API. The language has the familiar structures, commands and statements of Basic so it is easy to start with it, although you must take a little more to understand the inline C++ structures if you are not used to. ThinBasic has also all the major controls to build forms such as buttons, textboxes, listboxes, combos, etc. ThinBasic comes with ThinAir a good IDE but it does not have a form editor. Recently ThinBasic added the ThinBundle utility which generates stand-alone executables merging into one file the script and the needed DLLs. The resulting EXE has a small runtime overhead. Althought it is an interpreted language it is surprinsingly fast. Thinbasic is very well supported and constantly improved by its authors and now it may release on a solid community of enthusiasts. ThinBasic installation package has a lot of examples to learn from and a good tutorial.
ThinBasic team is working hard. New versions with bug fixes and improvements come out frequently. You must take a look at it.

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Petr Schreiber 2013-05-05 1:37
As a user of both ThinBASIC and PowerBASIC, I would like to explain, why do I think that calling ThinBASIC a "free PowerBASIC clone" does not represent the real situation.

ThinBASIC and PowerBASIC are two different tools with different purpose.

PowerBASIC is great compiler for low-level coding, creating DLLs and accessing Win32 and COM. PowerBASIC does a good job for running legacy BASIC code - it supports line numbers, labels, GOTOs, GOSUBs...

ThinBASIC on the other side, is a more high level tool with many specific modules to handle various tasks. Its syntax tries to avoid some controversial legacy BASIC commands by exploring different approaches.

Can these two languages live in symbiose? Of course. For example my TBGL module for 3D graphics is a DLL written in PowerBASIC (for size/speed efficiency), but I use it exclusively from ThinBASIC, because it has more flexible syntax and it allows faster code iterations thanks to immediate response of the interpreter.
Trevor 2012-08-05 1:59
Free interpreted clone of Power Basic.
Everything else is fine.
Eros 2011-09-05 23:32
thinBasic is out:
Eros 2011-06-30 0:13
thinBasic is out with tons of improvements:
Eros 2010-06-14 3:55
thinBasic 1.8.0 is out. Have fun. Eros
Spyros 2010-06-09 16:54
ThinBasic and Jabaco are my two favorites freely available basic programming environments, now that RapidQ is gone.
Eros 2010-01-10 15:33
Bugs are present in every (I repeat: every) programming language. The big difference is that here at thinBasic we fix them as soon as they are discovered and we release a new update in about few days if not hours. Always. We are also very very transparent on what we develop and when we fix bugs. See thinBasic development history at: <> You will find all details.
Eros 2010-01-10 15:29
thinBasic has both dialogs and standard windows. The only difference is how you show the window: modal or modeless. When modal, dialog behaves like a dialog frame. When modeless dialog behaves like a standard window. In both cases you can setup a function callback where intercepts all messages.
Eros 2009-08-25 2:32
What do you mean with "support only dialog frame" sentence?
Rony 2009-08-23 14:57
Not really good becose support only dialog frame like language in which is developed - Power Basic . Language himself has very good for someone which is already involved in interpreter thematic and offer two great stuff which are GL modul and Oxigen module other things are not quite well. ThinBasic is not quite stable becose is always full of weird bugs.
PetrSchreiber 2009-06-21 23:34
Dear Silvio, could you please explain more on the topic? If you can provide developers or readers here with explanation what you did not liked, it would be highly appreciated. The way you expressed your opinion is not very helpful. Thank you
Silvio 2009-06-12 23:43
Not really good.
MikeHart 2009-04-16 9:44
I'm not judging thinBasic as I am strongly involved in some parts of the module developent for it. But I want to mention that thinBasic has now support for its inline assembler called Oxygen which supports also its own O2H BASIC compiler. That basically means that you can compile BASIC code into machine code inside a thinBASIC script and run it in maximum speed. This feature is unique to thinBasic.

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