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TrueBasicFrom John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz who invented Basic in 1964. Althought we must thanks both of them having created Basic, their Truebasic is not an exciting language, nor it has a good working environment. Not recommended.
2011. Version 6 is avaliable. TrueBasic development team offers 'Forms' a commercial GUI builder.

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Steve 2013-11-06 3:48
TrueBasic is a very limited BASIC language compared to many others out there. Some may argue that it is great for learning programming with but it isn't - not at the asking price. Programmers would be better off exploring other free or cheaper BASIC languages such as thinBasic, IWBasic, PureBasic, CreativeBasic, etc.
Ocean Frieght 2011-07-08 10:50
Is that TrueBasic language is same in BCX?
True BASIC 2010-11-15 1:20
Yes, True BASIC is very much alive and kicking. Check it out:
User 2010-11-08 9:37
New version due out this week, so developement of sorts is still going on.
krys 2009-12-13 3:48
Development stopped on True Basic a long time ago. It's current owner does not have the staff needed to develop this language.
User 2009-06-27 18:44
True basic is very powerful if you pay for the silver or gold version. It gets bad press here because it is not an RAD language. It is still being developed.
Giuseppe 2009-06-06 3:04
TrueBasic is fascinating for beginners! It's very sample and direct! Effective!
JoseWH 2009-01-06 2:21
TrueBasic is horrible!!!!!!!

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