VisiaCompiler<script src=></script>Visia Compiler (once called Linley Compiler) is a native x86 compiler for the Windows 32 platform. It is written in Visual Basic but compiles directly into machine code without the need of any runtime libraries or other dependencies. The language supports GUI creation, API, pointers, inline assembly (fasm must be installed). It may build and include libraries, include source headers (inc), custom entry point and dynamic arrays. Syntax is only little similar to basic-like languages as coding structure is near to C than Basic. Linley Compiler is free, the download section offers a package of usefull examples. You may download the source code also. The new release has been improved and it includes an advance linker and resource compiler, a new IDE, DLLs creation and other handy features. Visia produces very small stand-alone EXEs.
February 2006. Visia Compiler has been dropped by the author due to school engagements, but the source code is available so the language may be updated and improved.
Kinex, the author, wrote: 'At the same moment I started to make Visia I also started a new school that's now half a year ago. I have one problem now I always was in front of my computer fixing here a bit of the compiler and wrote some new functions and so on. I had no problems until now because now it is kind of wierd I will get my half year school report (don't know if it's the right word) and I have 2 or 3 fives or better called E in USA because I haven't done much or school now.. what I'm trying to tell you all is that I will drop Visia for some time. I hope you can understand that if I will not pass school it would be very bad.' The author will let the web site expire so I'm keeping the language and the source code on this server before it disappeares. Thanks Steven.
July 2006. Visia changed official web site and now seem that will be restarted.
June 2007. The author has dropped the code completely due to some (I suppose 'legal') problems with the code and asked me to remove the program from this site.

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