VisualWindows<script src=></script>Visualwindows is a RAD system very similar to Visualbasic. It creates stand alone EXE files of about 400Kb. The IDE is really well thinked and is completed with all the tools the programmer need such as sensitive-to-the-context help and the useful object browser with an example of the object you are looking at. Unfortunately the error checking is poor: the IDE does not tell where the error has been generated and why. This is a pitty. Visualwindows has been discontinued. The author does not support it anymore.
September 2005. I've been contacted by the author which explained me that due to his work, his is not able to continue the development of Visualwindows nor to support it anymore so he decided to release it as freeware. A dedicated web site is now available, but it does not offer many informations. The download page is not always available for this reason I'm keeping the freeware version on this server.
2012. The official web site is no more dedicated to the language, but you may still download the language here.

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Review updated: 2008-10-13
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