WinBasic<script src=></script>WinBASIC is a compiler/editor for QuickBASIC V4.5 and V7.1 files and it creates specified EXE files for these versions if the appropriate compiler is copied to the compiler directory. WinBasic web site is quite poor of informations and some pages are not translated into English. The installer itself is in German and the WinBasic help file is in German too. I had to try on different PCs to get WinBasic work as after the installation the program halted. WinBasic helps the programmer offering a Windows editor for QB4.5 and Basic PDS source codes. It has the same functionalities of the QB environment and old DOS Basic programmers will enjoy pressing F2 and see the listing of all the SUBs and functions. Unfortunatley the IDE is not stable and it is poor of some editing functions. Thanks Paul.
August 2005. WinBasic disappeared from the Net but thanks to Christos now we have a copy of it.

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Review updated: 2010-05-22
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