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X11BasicX11-Basic is a Basic interpreter with full X graphic capability. The syntax is most similar to the old GFA-Basic ATARI ST implementation. Old GFA-Basic programs should run with only few changes. The actual implementation runs on Unix workstations and Linux-PCs on a text console or with the X Window system. X11-Basic now has a pseudo compiler which can make stand alone executables.

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VSYNC 2014-08-08 12:06
It works nicely, on Android as well as on WINDOWS and linux. I like it. Its pretty stable and its free and open source.
kambora80 2012-08-03 0:43
Information need update: there is a pseudocompiler as well as a bytecode compiler. The unix version has a real compiler (to native code). The interpreter is also available for Android. There is an app in the market.
hans kranich 2012-05-19 16:28
I noticed last week, that a port to Android is out. I havent tested it so far, but this could mean that a gfa-basic style language has a rebirth on smatphones.

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