xBLiteXBLite is an offspring of xBasic for Windows started in 2001 by David Szafranski. 99% of the non-gui xBasic code is compatible with XBLite. XBLite can run in a console mode, GUI mode, or in a hidden, console-less mode. XBLite has been enhanced for use under Windows, it takes advantage of the built-in common controls GUI inherent in Windows. XBlite may create true command line Win32 console programs, use the windows common controls for creating GUI applications. All of the windows common controls and common dialogs are now available to create win32 native graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Inside the source code the programmer may use inline assembly language. The user may modify and extend the XBasic language. It has a comprehensive Help file and demo programs with over 400 topics and over 200 demo programs. The IDE code editor is a good working environment, it is based on Scintilla code editing component. XBLite EXEs are small (aprox. 16Kb) and fast.
April 2008. Version 2.4.0 is out. Some bug fixes, code has been optimized, new libraries have been added such as a winsock/internet protocol library, dbase III+/IV library, ftp library and new functions as memory management (Xmalloc, Xrealloc, Xcalloc, and Xfree). Version 2.4 comes with many new example programs. XBlite has now a new site (www.xblite.com). The author has also started a Google group support and a XBlite forum.

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Aurel 2012-05-18 3:34
I use XBlte for some programming stuff and found
XBlite as great basic -compiler....!!!
Jerzy 2010-09-12 1:21
We have new version 2.4.1 (9-7-2010).
Johnny 2010-06-14 0:30
So you say that GoAsm produce faster object code then other asm- maby is true becose Go tools are really cool.......
Valeri 2010-06-09 6:24
Hi, Johnny, How have I estimated the time of execution? I didn’t use any specific software. If you have a number of pretty big files for conversion and the total processing time is about 10 s, you can easily estimate the time just visually whether it takes 10 s or 20 s to run. You don’t need to be electronically precise. All three compilers (XBLite -using GoAsm assembler, BCX-using any C compiler, FBC-using its own GNU-based assembler) compile to machine code. My personal impression is that not for all but at least for the low level programming tasks (conversion, comparison, searching, sorting) XBLite generates the more optimal assembly code.
Johnny 2010-05-29 21:53
Thanks Valeri that is good explanation. So if basic programer need speed there is XBlite which produce faster exe then FB,BCX...etc. I was wondering how you measure this speed of execution? I only know that if compiler translate code to assembler then assembler produce object code - then is faster exe off all other cases. Only few exeptios compile to machine code Visia compiler-Libry Ocean Basic...
Valeri 2010-03-27 2:13
I agree with the opinion that XBLite is underestimated by programmers. Recently I wrote a small gui program to convert a number of the files containing binary data to the ascii format. For comparison I wrote it in XBLite (28K), FreeBasic (19K), and BCX (24K). (All were upx compressed). In processing XBLite was two time faster than FreeBasic and BCX. The unique feature of XBLite to have the direct access to Bit Fields (like in C) makes it efficient in image processing and is helpful in the data base programming.
aurel 2010-01-21 15:58
Is this language still alive? From what i see on XBlite forum i almost think that is dead. Small number of memmbers are ..
gmtech 2009-06-04 18:53
XBLite has been around since 2002 but it seems to remain a hidden treasure that only some people have found. XBLite is a updated version of the well known XBasic. Prior to finding XBLite I was trying greatly to learn c++ as it looked to be the next best step from the Game Maker Language. While I was learning c++, I found XBLite while browsing and since I found it I have put more effort into learning XBLite then at c++. The XBLite language is a mix between BASIC & C, so really it is a easy version of C. XBLite's language is easy to learn and easy to understand , it's so good in-fact that I was able catch on to most of it with one day. XBLite has many great features, some of these are: ? Advanced 32-bit/64-bit BASIC ? Fast compilation & fast execution ? Advanced memory management technology (no allocations or memory limits) ? Advanced math libraries and technologies ? Comes with a load of samples ? XBLite runs on Win32 (Windows 95/98/Me, NT/2000/XP...) ? Creates standalone executables and standalone libraries (DLL) ? XBLite is GPL, it's libraries are LGPL(you may sell your applications that are made in XBLite) ? Uses inline assembly to improve speed. ? Incorporates m4 macro preprocessor XBLite comes with a source code editor XSED which is a scillinta based program.

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