PaladiumX<script src=></script>PaladiumX is a new Basic-like programming language written in PureBasic. The syntax of PaladiumX is very simple and suitable for beginners. It offers all the main features a common modern language must have. It supports private Functions, recursion, external DLLs. PaladiumX may be also expanded using librearies developed in other programming languages. PaladiumX may build stand-alone EXEs with a minimum overhead of 100Kb. It is Vista compatible. PaladiumX is a new born language and its web site is written only in German and parts of its IDE have not been translated into English yet.

Rating system under bot attack
February the 10th, 2009. Due to a suspected anti-PaladiumX bot that 'voted' hundreds of times in less than 24 hours, I reseted the rating counter so that ratings could get truthful again and blacklisted the last IP that voted. The same bot attacked PureBasic (note that PaladiumX is written in PureBasic). Is this an anti-PureBasic bot?
October 2011. The official web site is gone. You may download the german version of PaladiumX here.

Rated 2.9/5 upon 29 votes
Review updated: 2009-02-10
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