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JabacoJabaco is a free new BASIC-like programming language with a VisualBasic-like syntax and a powerfull RAD. Its developer, who's a great fan of VisualBasic 6, deciced to develop its own VisualBasic-like programming language and environment when Microsoft suspended VB6 technology for DOT NET technology, and - in my opinion - he did an excellent job. Jabaco builds applications using the Java framework. Source code is similar to VB6 code, but the output differs from VB6 as Visual Basic 6 creates native (or p-code) EXE-files which lay on Windows-only compatible runtimes libraries, Jabaco instead creates a Java output bytecode that, thanks to the Java framework, may run on many operating systems. Most of the language is similar to Visual Basic 6, but Jabaco has added new features as object oriented programming, threading and other features typical of modern languages. Jabaco has an excellent RAD environment (based on Swing) very similar to VB6 IDE with all the main features that someone expects in a modern IDE such as autocompletion, code highlighting, object browsing, GUI editor, drag&drop of controls, etc. To run Jabaco on your system, you only have to install the newest Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Jabaco creates stand-alone EXEs with an overhead of aprox. 500Kb. The language is in beta stage but it's fully functional and it's developer is constantly improving it. Very good, you must take a look.
August 2009. Release 1.5.0 beta in out. Some bugs and many minor bugs were fixed, and many new improvements: added Unicode-support for the IDE, IDE-UI improvements, case correction, remote-debugger, method-navigator, import resources from existing VB6-projects, ClassName.class support, import-statement, ForEach/Next-support, With/EndWith-support, declare array-values within the definition, support for array of controls, etc.

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Review updated: 2009-09-30 Jabaco homepage
Mike66 2015-02-23 4:09
Loaded but will not run with a missing file. At least it died before I started and not when I tried to save a project.
WF1903 2013-10-14 16:14
I downloaded it because of the recommendation here and the fact that it is listed as both Windows and Linux but it's not really Linux is it? It's very misleading.
hajeco 2012-06-02 23:56
Linux version? Where is it?
Bereb 2012-05-04 21:00
Where is the Linux version ?
De Havre 2011-01-09 12:25
Had a look; This may be nice, but it need somce more work to be a competetive projekt. (3/5)
Jim Clark 2010-11-21 7:13
The great thing about Jabaco is that it runs on multiple platforms. However it is not as powerful as Visual Studio suite from Microsoft, but looking at the capabilities, I am hopeful that someday people will start using Jabaco on a larger scale. Black Friday 2010
Rover Parts 2010-06-03 23:42
I think I am going to be like this application to study, Is the syntax of this "JACOB" is somehow is similar to V.B?
Asd 2010-06-01 21:24
Andy Forex 2010-05-21 1:52
Nice! counter part of Vb 6.0 was good.
design company web 2010-05-05 21:31
Nice! counter part of Vb 6.0... love that!
best seo company 2010-04-17 0:46
this is the first time that i've heard about it. Is this really have syntax same with visual basic? Thanks!best seo company
Er1c 2010-01-17 2:22
wow, this is pretty good ... can't believe I had not heard of it already. My only problem is that there is no Linux IDE. :sad:
dono 2009-12-15 4:12
ericg 2009-06-18 5:51
Nice, but needs documentation. Hard to stumble through.
Dim 2009-03-03 3:58
Really good. Thank you for the link!
Spyros 2009-02-26 16:27
I'm really impressed by this - despite the developer's low profile, it's extremelly feature rich, well made and very promising so far.
StevenP 2009-02-01 4:22
gcj is still very limited and doesn't support swing yet (last I read). There are some commercial applications out there that do the same thing but they can be pricey.
big 2009-01-30 4:41
that's a very cool language. java is preinstalled on most pc's but you could compile the bytecode with gcj to standalone exe-files and use them without the java runtime environment.
not really relevant 2009-01-30 2:03
The exes are not standalone, they need the java runtime environment.
kiki26 2009-01-26 23:58
I'm allways waiting for a vb6 clone who has full poo (including multiple inheritance) and who can write small and fast independant exe.... if all vb6 dev have never go to java, it's not for nothing... but thank for the initiative.

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