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Doylesoft BasicDoylesoft Basic is a free pretty VisualBasic-like object-oriented language with a very good RAD (rapid application developement) programming environment. It is written in VisuaBasic 6.0. It is easy to learn as it has a simple sintax. I creates stand alone EXEs with an overhead of about 400Kb. Unfortunately DoyleSoft Basic development has stopped. There are no examples to study and to learn from, and there is no manual but the HTML pages that come with the program. This is a pitty as it's hard to find a good free Basic with a complete RAD interface. The author has made availabe the full source code if someone would eventually recover this project, expand it in any way.

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Review updated: 2009-02-12 Doylesoft Basic homepage
Brandon Doyle 2012-03-23 19:39
Hello! I am Brandon Doyle, maintainer of DoyleSoft Basic. The URL may need to be changed to instead of (notice the forward slash on the end of the URL. Thanks!

The BASICS' PAGE EDIT: Hi Brandon, when needed please use the small black 'mail' icon above to send me a PM. Link is fixed. I will keep this post for a while and then I will delete it as it is not a comment about DoylesoftBasic.
raul 2011-09-28 0:36
nice some one who knows about programing continue doing this nice proyect..add exe more long mb, and guides to language
TheProgrammer 2009-08-06 3:09
DoyleSoft BASIC is forked from Kinex's Kyleen.Studio. The two IDEs are almost identical.
sockla 2009-05-19 19:01
Do not say DoyleSoft BASIC is object-oriented!
anthony 2009-02-15 20:03
I can only say that looks nice anything else. Product is full of bugs and unfinished.

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