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Cypress Enable<script src=></script>Cypress Enable is a Basic Scripting language compatible with VBScript ans VBA that aims to fill the gap between the two. I did not manage to test this language as the demo version won't run the apps because it reports that the trial version has expired. Below I summarize the publisher description. Cypress 'Enable' is designed to be embedded in software applications. With 'Enable' developers can add scripting language functionality to their applications or Web pages to automate complex tasks. Users can create scripts for launching and manipulating other applications via OLE Automation or external DLL's. 'Enable' is a complete programming language and is available under Microsoft Windows, Mac, UNIX and Windows CE. 'Enable'comes with a full Editor/Debugger with color syntax highlighting, and Script tips ( VBA style syntax assistance). 'Enable' offers full VBA syntax and API's access for accessing functions, objects and variables. Function calls can even be redirected at runtime. In addition to having a very small footprint < 500K Cypress Enable offers full VBA compatibility, true pre-compiled code, is completely thread safe, and is very fast. The API is logical, easy to learn and easy to use yet extremely powerful. From Cypress' web site appears that this language has been discontinued in September 2005. The demo expiration date is set to March 2009. Cypress claims that 'Enable' is 'embedded in over 1000 commercial and corporate in-house applications worldwide'. Now I'm asking my self: did these programmers really spent 1,495.00USD to add scripting language functionality to their applications or to automate complex tasks?

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