GUI4Cli<script src=></script>Gui4Cli is a simple event driven scripted language which can create Windows GUIs. The event driven program structure of Gui4Cli is similar to the main switch statement of a C style Windows program. It is not a very basic-like language as it recalls only Basic's standard constructs like If, While, For, Do, Case, but it is pretty easy to understand and write, and it is a quite complete language for build simple applications. GUI4Cli offers all known GUIs controls and has a rich command set to easily handle events, files, system, graphics, database primitives, simple networking. GUI4Cli commands may expanded through external DLLs. GUI4Cli may build stand-alone EXEs by packaging into a compressed file the script and the runtime module. Built EXEs have an overhead of approximately 255Kb. Normally GUI4Cli will remain in the taskbar, doing nothing, until called upon to load a GUI or take some other action. By default there is no window or any other type of interface except for the taskbar tray icon. Interfaces are only produced through scripts. This means that most of the operation must be done via the taskbar icon menu as the building of the executables. GUI4Cli comes only with a customized versione of the SciTech editor as its own programming environment. Unfortunately it has not a visual editor to draw the GUIs althougt the visual controls can be moved around, resized, deleted, etc. while the GUI is running. So a GUI must be first hand coded and then its objects can be placed around. This, as the author says, 'provides a built-in visual editor that's always present'. The user guide is well done and well covers the GUI4Cli language. The package contains some usefull examples.

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