MiniBasic<script src=></script>MiniBASIC is a commercial programming language with a basic-like structure but a syntax more similar to Visual Basics. Minibasic is a compiler, assembler and linker for Windows. It has a rich command set and can create console and GUIs applications with the most common objects, it has extensive mathematic operators and functions, an advanced inline assembler for optimizing code (MiniBASIC variables can be used directly in inline assembly code), it can manage advanced pointer operators in 'C' style and quickly interfaces with the Windows API, C runtime libraries, and static code libraries. It supports STDCALL and CDECL function calling conventions. It can import variables and methods from DLL files, it supports OOP and COM and it is 64 bit compatible. MiniBASIC creates small, native Windows executables and DLL's starting from about 74Kb. No external runtimes are needed to distribute software created with MiniBASIC and the programs can be run from a USB stick. MiniBasic does not handle advance graphics as it manages only primitive graphics for quick and simple drawing operations, but it can be extended with add-on libraries such as: database library, serial library, network client/server Library, 3D command library and 2D command library. As said, MiniBasic can create GUI applicastions but the programmer must code GUI e menus by hand. If it the programmer would prefer to be assisted in the drawings, a GUI editor and a menu editor are solded separately. MiniBasic's IDE is a simple editor with highlighting syntax feature and a useful collapsible code function. The developers are now working on the NOVA compiler, a .Net development environment which features a syntax that's between Delphi and Aurora. NOVA allows using .Net assemblies created with other .Net languages and comes with a robust set of tools to aid in RAD programming. MiniBasic comes with a well written rich reference guide. Users can also download a 200 pages printable manual from MiniBasic's web site. It seems that MiniBasic has a good community of developers and enthusiasts users.

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