NaaLaa<script src=></script>NaaLaa (Not An Advanced Language At All) is a enjoyable and pretty QuickBasic-like programming language mainly addressed to 2D and 3D games. It is very easy to learn and basic programmers won't have difficulty to create nice applications. NaaLaa comes with a set of commands and statements that fully supports all the necessary elements to create a game such as advance graphics management, windows management, sprites, fonts, text, images, audio, mouse and joystick. As NaaLaa is aimed to games creation, it deserves to be mentioned the unusual feature that neither DirectX or OpenGL is used for graphics rendering. It's author has preferred to build its own graphical routines. According to the author, the main advantages are: the number of images you can use only depends on the available RAM memory, images may be modified on the fly without having to wait for them to be uploaded to texture memory, no different color formats, nor bad artifacts are displayed thanks to a better optimization of the backbuffer, same graphical output on every machine, to achieve maximum speed only 7 bits, instead of 8, are used for the alpha component of images. At present, 3D rendering too is based on proprietary libraries. Maybe future versions will support OpenGL to render 3D objects. An other interesting feature is that NaaLaa may build Java applets. When a Java applet is chosen, besides the executable, a '.java' file is created. NaaLaa features may be expanded through the use of libraries. A number of libraries are included in the installation package, but on NaaLaa's web site you may download other libraries and some full working games that are really usefull to learn the language. NaaLaa comes with a very simple editor with some basic syntax highlighting called NED. There's third-party editor called NED 2 that's described to be a better editor, but a part of a better syntax highlighting it does not introduce any real improvement. The user guide gives you only the basics to understand the language, so it's highly recommended you read the tutorials you may find on NaaLaa's web site and study the programs you may download there.

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