Seccia<script src=></script>Seccia is a free oriented-object language with inheritance and polymorphism. Not very basic-like syntax though as it is more similar to JavaScript, PHP and C++, but it is a interesting language that's worth to be tested and it is not hard to learn. Seccia offers two programming approaches: one for the novices and one for the experts. Novices may be introduced to programming by the Visual Code Generator (VCG) which is an innovative, fully (and I really mean 'fully') point-and-click code editor merged in the RAD environment. The VCG editor allows novices to write applications without using a conventional keyboard. New programmers are guided step by step through every single line of code thanks to this effective editor. For an expert user the first impression about the VCG could be perplexity, but experts should not judge too fastly the VCG editor as this is a tool dedicated to novice programmers that are just starting to understand coding structures and syntax. On the other hand there's the experts way: a RAD environment with a fully featured multi-tab auto-complete editor with syntax coloring and checking. Both environments leave a visible box on the bottom of the IDE with a helpful and complete reference guide. Seccia offers all the most common objects and a large number of powerful integrated objects such as networking, system, files and disk, http server, sockets, two interesting 'table' and 'spreadsheet' objects, 2D applications with Direct3D sprites (windowed or fullscreen), 3D integration with DirectX, multithreading applications and step-by-step debug mode. Seccia is a pseudo-compiler. It can build stand-alone EXEs with an overhead of 1,8Mb but it is quite fast. The source code is protected and all variables, functions and parameters are renamed with numbers. By keeping an eye on version numbers I see that Seccia is constantly developed. The Seccia development team is planning a native skin engine to create themes for the applications and a powerful DataBase Server/Client. You should take a look at it.

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