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BaConBaCon is a free and open-source BASIC to C converter. It was designed to run under Unix systems, but at the moment it's possible to use it under Windows as well. BaCon translate BASIC code to C and passes it to the C compiler that makes a standalone executable. Its syntax is very traditional, but the converter has many modern features. Creating GUI programs is extremely easy with HUG library. On the project website there is many examples how to use BaCon with networking and system tasks. The converter is still in development, has a very good documentation and is well supported.

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Review updated: 2012-03-16 Reviewed by: Tomaaz BaCon homepage
Peter 2014-12-24 8:35
BaCon is intended to be used in a Unix environment, not Windows.
Tyee Cambron 2014-11-11 3:04
Oh fudge. It uses Cygwin?? Cygwin used to be really good back in the day. But today it is junk. Might be good if no other options but no. I tried to setup Cygwin ssh server on Windows 7 and that was the biggest fail ever. Now I got port 22 stuck open even after uninstalling Cygwin.
ff0rt 2012-04-17 20:09
Nice language; however in Windows it requires Cygwin

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