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EGSLEGSL (Easy Game Scripting with Lua) is a small interpreter that can execute programs written in Lua, but it can do even more, because it has many graphics features implemented. It is available on many platforms (Windows, Linux and Haiku at the moment). EGSL is an interpreter, but there is an option to create standalone executables with it. Project is still in development, has a good support, but the documentation is not finished at the moment. EGL is a good choice for those who are interested in creating 2D games and/or graphical demos.

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Review updated: 2012-03-16 Reviewed by: Tomaaz EGSL homepage
Luposian 2015-03-07 4:42
I'd like to learn to program in EGSL, but getting assistance, tutorials, and the like is a bit difficult. Does anyone have more complete command/function documentation than I've found for EGSL? I know Pulsar2D is coming, which is the successor to EGSL, but I want to be learning how to program while I'm waiting for it.
azrak30 2012-08-20 16:58
very nice multi-platform interpreter..recomended
Cybermonkey342 2012-03-17 1:23
May I add that it is indeed a Lua interpreter but the syntax with the implemented functions is very BASIC-like. This doesn't include only graphical and sound functions but also helper functions for file and string management.

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