ActiveBasicThe site is written in Japanese only. It seems that ActiveBasic is quite diffused in Japan. ActiveBasic produces small and stand-alone EXEs, it has a GUI and Form designer. It fully supports Win32API and DirectX. An English version is planned. Thanks Miyata-san.

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Review updated: 2008-09-18 ActiveBasic homepage
Philippe Aucoin 2013-09-28 14:18
Just tried Decimal Basic on MAC.
It's nice.
Really a good interpreter.
bizoza mvuyekure 2013-05-24 21:24
give me just the oppotiny to test it.
cbrescia 2012-05-26 0:39
Now is named Decimal Basic and is portable with an English manual
Garrett 2009-06-07 23:04
ActiveBasic's website is now back.
Garrett 2009-05-19 17:56
ActiveBasic's site is now gone. I've tried to find a download for it, but haven't found one yet.

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