B++ Improved



B++ ImprovedMany developing groups approached independently the B++ language creating similar languages based on the same core but each one with its unique features. Unfortunately the free versions of B++ web sites seem to appear and disappear quite quickly. Russian and Slovakian sites are gone or don't have availables downloads. The only B++ site updated is at Sourceforge. The Sourceforge release of B++ (b-Improved) is a fast, object-oriented language based on a superset of classical BASIC statements. The syntax is part similar to Basic and part to C++ and it seems a little complicated. The language speed is as near as the speed of C++. B++ may create Windows-compatible application with a flexible Windows GUI. The language creates stand-alone executable files (P-Code). The input file is simply compiled to an .EXE output. B++ Improved has been discontinued since 2004. Last version may be downloaded at Sourceforge. Thanks Giorgio. dangerous

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