BBC Basic



BBC BasicBBC Basic for Windows borned to be initially compatible with the 6502 BBC Basic resident in the BBC Micro Master series. As BBC Basic was developed before the Windows OS the language offers all the traditional BASIC statements and instructions to build console mode programs. The language has aproximately 150 instructions: plotting and primitive graphics, file operations, math functions, memory, but also sprites, direct serial port and parallel port communications (also under Win NT and XP with a library), system commands, printer. A Windows version is also available and it is fully integrated with the Windows environment. The Windows version has the main controls to build GUI programs, althought not always so simple to use. As it first destination was microcontrollers BBC Basic has many features that others languages don't have such as teletext mode, other commands involving particular screen display modes and graphics up to 1600x1200, hardcopy video regions. A great feature of BBC Basic is the built-in Assembly which offers all the 8086, 286, 386 and 486 instruction set. BBC Basic language is similar to the old Basic, but the code is not so neat as that. Pretty language but its origins seems to interfere with the modern programming syntax.

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