The old QuickBasic and BasicPDS programs may live again thanks to BCET! Althought there are some limitations (statements as IN, OUT, PEEK, POKE are hard to support in a protected environment), GRAPHICS statements, 'ON Event' statements (but not ON [LOCAL] ERROR GOTO), RESUME NEXT, BLOAD and BSAVE, DEF fn, ISAM database, PLAY, IOCTL in any form, KYBD: SCRN: COMn: LPTn: CONS: PIPE: are supported. BCET is a really good job. BCET is useful to create win-32 console mode or GUI mode programs. The original author's intention was to recompile working programs to console mode, either to get around memory limitations, or to get long file name support, or to move away from DOS, but the project evolved to a full Windows QB or BasicPDS compiler. BCET expects that the source file did run correctly in QB or PDS or QBasic. BCET doesn't check the source code for the correct operands to work. As says the its author, as BCET becomes more stable, he expect to add quite a lot of additional checking. DOS programs that make use of external libraries (I know of QuickPAK, and there are others) will have to be modified as there is no ability to call the 16-bit DOS libraries. There is only limited support for calling win-32 API's. Great work! Thanks Guntz.
Last version of BCET is dated July 2004.
February 2010. A new beta version of BCET is available. As explained by Erik BCET's author doesn't always upload the most recent version. The new beta version has many bug fixes.

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