BCXBCX is a free, powerful language which produces small & powerful 32-bit stand-alone GUI, DLL, console, and CGI applications. It creates C source code that compiles flawlessly with LCC-Win32 and PellesC (free C compiler). BCX produces very small EXEs starting from 5Kb. The language is constantly developed and thousands of programmers are contributing to its evolution. The language sintax is very similar to stardard basic, actually the user will found several Visual Basic, PowerBasic, and QuickBasic keywords. The latest version of BCX supports inline assembler and COM objects. The package comes with over 200 GUI, Console Mode, and DLL sample programs and dynamic libraries that will help the programmer learn BCX, a clear and complete documentation, a GUI based MessageBox builder, a GUI based Menu editor and a simple dialog editor. BCX editor has syntax highlighting functions. The dialog editor is well done and helps users to build GUI programs easly. Due to that fact that BCX is a diffused language there are many programmer's forums where novice user may find usefull informations. There's a version of BCX drawned from Kevin Diggins' original at Sourceforge.

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