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BlitzMaxBlitzMax is a game programming language. BlitzMax retains the BASIC roots of Blitz3D and BlitzPlus, but adds new features and abilities. BlitzMax is an enhanced BASIC language and offers many advanced functions such as: function pointers, fully dynamic arrays, inheritance and polymorphism, 'by reference' function parameters, array and string slicing, flexible 'collection' system for dealing with linked lists etc, low level pointer handling, UTF16 strings. It may alsoinclude binary data and access it as easily as if it were a regular file. BlitzMax is based on modules: collections of commands stored in special files. Modules may contain 'libraries' of commands tha can be distribute. One of these modules is included: the Max2D module contains a set of very easy to use 2D commands. The module is based on OpenGL, allowing for advanced effects such as realtime blending, rotation and scaling. The BlitzMax comes with an IDE and a complete debugger, but it does not have a gui editor. BlitzMax's strenght its the great number of programmers who use this language and can help beginners throught the Community. Althought it does not come with a good working environment, the web site offers links to third party IDEs. BlitzMax is a multiplatform language. Thanks Giovanni.

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Review updated: 2012-01-18 BlitzMax homepage
Harlem Shake 2014-10-02 21:03
Next generation 3D HAD BEEN possible via BlitzMax until 3Impact was dead in 2013. Now Blitz3D + Ashadow + Newton game dynamics library + Draw3D2 combination is the next-gen (and free) 3D which pretty surpasses BlitzMax.
Angros47 2014-08-04 10:10
Blitz3D and BlitzPlus are now open source
Gangnam Style 2012-12-29 18:04
BlitzMax is a C wannabe rather than a BASIC dialect.
Vampire 2012-06-15 4:12
next-gen 3D is also possible via BlitzMax...
azrak 2011-09-04 8:54
Do not waste your money..! use naalaa or brutus2d instead, it's free.
Muttley 2010-02-19 15:33
BlitzMax is fully OOP, supports threading, has buildin LUA scripting and has a bias towards game development. Free modules (mainly from Brucey) provide support for XML, DB-connectivity, Regular expressions and much more. The lib source is provided. BlitzMax combined with the BLide IDE (separate product) and you get a very serious programming environment with full intellisence, good debugging and project management. These two combined are by far the most professional programming environment I've ever seen in Indie tools. Note: Intellisence is not simple source highlighting (as almost any editor-gadget has had for 10 years now). It is a full contextual lookup feature where the editor understands the source. Type the name of an object and write "." and you get a list of all fields and members available on this objects Type (class) etc. One minor drawback is that the language does not support c-like structs. This can be hacked around by alloc:ing a memory area and peek/poke:ing but it's a workaround for the real thing.

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