Windows, Linux, QNX, PalmOS


BLOC - Basic Like Object Compiler - is a programming language based on translating sources to Pascal code and compiling it into stand-alone binary executables. It is multiplatform, almost completely compatible in terms of the graphical interface. The GUI part is currently under development, but as for underlying language it is compatible between platforms. Today BLOC is available for Windows and Linux and in the near future will be available for QNX and Palm OS. BLOC uses Free Pascal compiler for making binary executables and dynamic link libraries. This is why BLOC does not require an interpreter. BLOC was originally created to provide a free implementation of a BASIC programming language for creating webware applications, so features like working with XML, SQL, sockets, etc will be high priority tasks for BLOC.
The official web site disappeared, but you may find some resources here. Thanks JoseWH

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Review updated: 2009-02-06
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