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Brutus 2D<script src=></script>Brutus2D is a programming language for the hobbiest game programmer. It features a full set of BASIC language commands with additional commands to simplify the creation of two dimensional games such as shoot-em up, side scroller, platform, puzzle and other types of games. The code is simple to understand and write as it is near to the traditional basic syntax. Brutus2D code has the typical Basic structure. Programming with Brutus2D is very easy. Setting up graphics is simple and a matter of minutes. The language offers sound support (frequency, loop, position, pan, volume), graphics special effects (particle effects, fire, smoke, snow, rain (a 3D hardware suppported card is necessary), image manipulation and OLE object creation. Brutus2D creates small and stand alone EXEs, it requires DirectX 8.1 or above, Windows XP or Windows 2000. Thanks Guilect.

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Review updated: 2008-10-13 Brutus 2D homepage
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