CoolBasic<script src=></script>CoolBasic is a Basic-oriented language, as its syntax is only near to basic style, dedicated to 2D games creation. It produces stand-alone executables with an overhead of aproximately 600Kb. CoolBasic is a complete programming language, but it performs best with 2D graphics. It has a fast 2D-blitting engine and full set of built in command for graphics, sounds and basic game worlds. The working environment offers a tabbed user interface, code highlighting, a usefull built in help system, Autosave function and code inspector. The compiler supports external modules (programs may be splitted in modules), user defined types and funtions, all data typesa array with Redim Preserve function. MP3, various graphic formats and DirectX are supported, as well as animated images and objects, dynamic tilesets and animated tilemaps, vector-based tilemap collision system, realtime tilmaps manipulation and dynamic maps reading, fast and optimized particle system and particle emitters, built in particle gravity and friction. CoolBasic is currently at the Beta stage and the English version is currently not fully supported (CoolBasic is developed in Finland). The developers explain that they want to focus on the development process 100% and not waste resources for the minority. As the same developers say, the current English user manual needs to be revisited and full English support will come along with the final product. Thanks Christos.
2012. CoolBasic is under heavy udates. The development team is working on a full new version of the language aiming to be superior to it's competitors, and technologically up-to-date.

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