D-LibD-LIB is script programming language. D-LIB has the typical structure of Basic and all main Basic statements. D-LIB has some interesting features. It compiles to small stand-alone EXEs with an 18.5 Kb header only. The code may be compressed for fast compiling and linking. It fully supports WinAPI (over 44000 known Windows API-Constants and over 9800 known Windows API-Functions) and about 150 implemented functions. D-LIB offers dynamic arrays, procedure, user functions, code includes to split the the source in several pieces of code. The package contains some examples and a practical code editor. D-Lib does not nativly manage forms. Thanks Kuresz.
December 2007. The D-Lib scripting language has undergone an extensive overhaul and a beta release of version 2 is available. It is essentially a different language to the original one, although the concept is the same. The syntax is very similar to Basic. The concept of having user-made external functions as the core to the language has been retained. Structure type variables have been added and all Windows structures are pre-defined, along with all Win32 API functions and constants. The documentation has been completely rewritten and improved.https://www.thekamagra.net/ Thanks Dean

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