EnvelopThe only true experiment to create an official alternative to VisualBasic. The project has been abandoned but there are still many programmers who continue to use it and to populate forums about it. Actually the working environment is quite similar to Visualbasic 4. There is no official site. Envelop Basic must not be confused with Envelop, the new Windows version of Phoenix Object Basic.

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Review updated: 2008-10-14
Bob 2009-08-23 16:33
I think that there is no basic programmer around world which use this dialect. 90% sure...
Angros 2009-08-19 21:01
Why did you say "must not be confused with Envelop, the new Windows ..."? On the official site www.janus-software.com (still active) you can download the same program: the windows version is Envelop Visual Basic (and the last version is 1.4, from years now), while the linux version is Phoenix (version 1.5) Is there another Basic called Envelop?

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