EthosBasic<script src=></script>EthosBASIC is a Basic-like language developed with the purpose to create 2D and 3D games. It has lots of features and it comes with simple but complete tutorials to start over with ease. Good for beginners who will enjoy creating their own games fastly. EthosBasic is constantly improved with new commands and functions. The language comes with a sprite editor which has been powered with new features. New version 1.4 has fixed several bugs. EthosBASIC can build stand alone EXEs. Take a look at it.
November 2008. EthosBASIC web site disappeared.
December 2008. Drode found EthosBASIC web site! Thanks Drode.
March 2010. EthosBasic's web sites are hard to find on the Net.
January 2012. EthosBasic's web sites is no more dedicated to EthosBasic but it tells the history of Basic.

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Review updated: 2010-04-16 EthosBasic homepage
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