FBSLFREE Basic Script Language (now called Freestyle Basic Script Language) is a script tool dedicated to 32 Bits Windows platforms. It can produce console or GUI applications and can compile to stand alone-executable file (a complete stand-alone GUI application starts from 90Kb, 6Kb with a 93Kb run-time module). The language is rich of features and offers all the most common commands, function and statments. The syntax is not very close to Basic but it is still very easy to learn. GUI objects included are textboxes, richedit, listboxes and comboboxes, buttons and radio buttons, group boxes. Advance features are: socket management, memory functions, clipboard management, pop-up menus (the right-click menus), simple net commands and registry management. Documentation is well done.
Beginning of 2007. FBSL comes now with a pratical IDE with highlighting and color syntax and a visual GUI form builder. Both have been realized with FBSL. FBSL is now OOP oriented and it supports structures and dynamic arrays in Jscript style.
July 2009. FBSL evolved a lot in the past period. New impressive features have been added such as the ability to self decompile an EXE into an .fbs script, MASM-like native assembly language support that is interpreted by a Dynamic Assembler layer. It comes with a 650 pages help file and more than 200 examples.

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Stefan Schnell 2013-08-31 21:19
Free BASIC Script Language (FBSL) is a very good language and offers many very good features. The concept of FBSL with different language layer in Assembler and C is brilliant. The possibility to use FBSL as executable and as library opens the gate wide for integration scenarios. FBSL is highly recommended.
Mike LOBANOVSKY 2012-09-06 19:36

FBSL's Dynamic Assembler layer _does not interpret_ its verbatim Asm blocks written in a MASM-compatible dialect within FBSL scripts. Instead, it _compiles these blocks into native machine code_ at script load time. The CPU executes this native code directly bypassing the intermediation of FBSL's virtual machine.

FBSL's DynAsm is a JIT ("just-in-time") compiler rather than an interpreter, hence the blazing execution speed of time-critical code sections written in pure assembly.
Mike LOBANOVSKY 2012-09-06 18:46

1. The Eclecta editor was written as yet another FBSL sample (see its full source code in the distro) way back in the year 2006 and hasn't been updated ever since. It was as simple as it only could be regarding the language features available at that time. Feel free to modify/update it to your personal needs or refactor it using e.g. the Dynamic Assembler facility to make it yet more feature-rich. But don't forget to share your code with the community! :)

2. The main features of FBSL's syntax had been formulated even earlier than that. Later on, a very similar syntax was adopted in FreeBASIC as its "new dialect". So, if you're OK with FreeBASIC, you'll feel very comfortable with FBSL too.

3. The demo and documentation samples are a mechanical compilation of FBSL's knowledge base accumulated over the years of constant development of the language. There _may be_ certain minor incompatibilities with the latest stable distro which is currently v3.4.10 but most of them can be corrected with just a couple of keystrokes.

We are in a bad need of a good English speaker to refactor the FBSL v3 documentation and samples. If you are the person and are willing to help, please contact me at the FBSL forum a.s.a.p.

Thank you.
nicolas 2012-08-19 18:19
This language is rich of features and the documentation is very good, full of code examples. It may compile into an 100% standalone GUI EXE (200+ kb) which runs on Win XP/Vista/7. Supports inline x86 Assembly. The syntax (a mix of VB, QB, PHP, Pascal and C++ hence the 'Freestyle') looks complicated. The Electra editor becomes unstable often, at least on my PC. Some of the numerous demo samples are broken, snippets from the documentation also.
x86 2012-08-18 5:36
I like this freestyle language.
odisious 2012-07-03 13:05
How to download trial version thnks
Thanos 2010-08-01 1:17
I should not forget to congratulate you personally for the Eclecta (HILITE) Editor!
Thanos 2010-07-28 21:39
@Mike LOBANOVSKY First off all please accept my congratulations for you exceptional work in FBSL. I have some arguments about the clearness of the licence not the license itself. There is no doubt that the FBSL is an intellectual child of its creators and of course the creators have all the rights (fiscal, intellectual etc). I think that the license should be more clear for the price. For example a price of 69 euros or 500 euros or any other amount for commercial using is more transparent than the following statement: "...you have to contact me to discuss about the cost of the license, business is business...". Could you give us an idea for the cost of license? Regards.
Mike LOBANOVSKY 2010-07-27 14:50
I have the honor of being a co-author of Freestyle Basic Script Language and I am using this opportunity to thank you for your kind words regarding FBSL's versatility and general fitness. FBSL IS intellectual property as is any other integral piece of computer software of competitive quality, complexity, speed, and compactness. As you may have noticed, FBSL is being developed by a small team of dedicated individuals. All of them earn their living in other spheres of human activity, but it took man-years of consolidated effort to bring FBSL to its current level of development. FBSL is powerful, robust, fast, and feature-rich. As long as you use FBSL for personal (e.g. educational) or non-profit public (e.g. open-source) project development, FBSL is free of charge. If you decide to gain financial profit by using FBSL to develop a commercial project that you intend to sell, you are supposed to contact Mr.Guillemin to negotiate the terms of a license to do so legally. By settling the license issue (the license fee is generally donation-based), you'll be showing respect for, and appreciation of, the work the FBSL dev team has done to make your own professional work easier and material position, better.
Thanos 2009-11-10 21:35
@Gerome GUILLEMIN Thank you for the reply. But according to post you mentioned: "...The license is quite clear: you can freely code with FBSL, but if you want to do somme business with it you have to contact me to discuss about the cost of the license, business is business, FBSL was not developped freely to enrich commercials for free. " Do you think that the above statement is clear enough?
Gerome GUILLEMIN 2009-10-12 16:04
Hello, I'm the FBSL author and I can't believe you are put on a wrong way with my license! Here's the complete thread about my FBSL license for people who will dare to read it carefully : http://www.fbsl.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=2409
aurel 2009-08-07 0:38
OK you probaby right
thanos 2009-07-29 20:58
In some cases an experienced user with a hex editor. But this is not the point. If someone violating the developer's license, he is stealing the intellectual property of the developer. This is the point imho.
aurel 2009-07-28 2:08
I can't belive but if you have this expirience. One thing i dont understand. How someone can know in which language i made my program?
thanos 2009-07-25 21:20
It is free only if you use this language for personal purposes only. If you want to sell your software you must contact the developer and ask for a license. The cost of this license is not clear.
aurel 2009-07-25 1:12
About what licence you are talking about? If i understand right FBSL is 100% free language and that depends on you if you want or can make comercial programs in it( maby im wrong?) And why is anyway then freeware? However FBSL is a great language.
Steve 2009-07-23 22:44
I have asked the author about commercial usage of the language in the past and he is 100% against it even if you are using it yourself for work (scripting common tasks, etc.) So, as far I am concerned, I have no further interest in the language. It is a well done language but it isn't for everyone. Also, for the record, I did not rate this language at all since I didn't want to rate it low due to bias.
thanos 2009-07-22 19:35
A very good basic clone with a small learning curve. It is suitable for the beginners but it is not less powerful for the experienced user. I do not use the last version but i have use this language in the past. I think a problem is its license which is not very clear in case of producing commercial software.
Gerome GUILLEMIN 2009-07-18 2:14
Thanks :-) Gerome GUILLEMIN
Aurel 2009-06-14 21:58
Very good freeware basic like scripting language!

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